GENERAL Sessions

Come Away ~ Kim Hyland
The invitation to “come away” resonates with the longing for quiet and rest in our weary, over-stimulated, twenty-first century lives. Yet this is more than an invitation to simply catch our breath. It is a calling to discover true meaning and fulfillment and to realign our hearts and minds toward eternal things. We’ll begin our weekend together by considering how to identify and live into this life altering invitation.

Be Still ~ Jenn Hand
Does hearing the words "be still" cause your soul to take a much needed deep breath, but then your next thought sounds something like this: “Being still sounds great but . . .“? And the list of buts goes on and on? Hebrews 10 tells us the priests of God had to stand in their priestly duties, but when Jesus, the Great High priest came, He sat down. And He has invited us to be seated with Him. Together we will take the starting place of being still–resting in the "It is Finished" work of Jesus's love. As we sit with and find stillness in Him, we will lean in, listen and receive, and learn how to live out Psalms 46:10, “Be Still and Know that He is God.”

Traveling Light ~ Kim Hyland
Life is not a stationary event. We are born, and we die . . . but it doesn’t end there. Every human being is on their way somewhere. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you are traveling toward your eternal home in Heaven with Him. And He has some “travel advice” for you. Let’s consider some common yet unnecessary items items that weigh us down and others we might have not thought of packing for this exciting, dangerous, and hope-filled journey!

Abide ~ Jenn Hand
We have followed the invitation of Jesus to come away with Him. Now how do we leave living out His invitation to continue to come when we return to the mayhem of Monday? In this talk, we will consider Jesus and His disciples and see how they abided in relationship together–learning to worship while they worked and responding to His continual invitation to come. Following Jesus through some mountain-moving-miracle moments to normal walking-with-His-disciples-through-town moments, we will leave together equipped to be still even in the dailyness of life.