Winsome founder and host, Kim Hyland, shares the heart behind Winsome!


Why Winsome? That’s easy. You!

I created Winsome because I wanted you to have a beautiful, peaceful place to gather with women who find their unity not in their walks of life, their denomination, their age, or their social “status,” but in Christ.

My own relationship with women has often been complicated, and I used to think I was alone in that quandary. I know better now. Women are powerful, and most of us have known the blessing and the curse of that power. We know when we focus on our differences and "where we stand" in a group of women, the worst usually comes out. So in an effort to find a "safe" place, we tend to surround ourselves with women who are just like us.

But we've worked hard to make Winsome different. Women are encouraged to be their authentic selves, no masks allowed. We lean into our differences and experience both the stretching and enriching of being with a diverse group of women. We know it's safe to do this, because of the love of our Father.

One of the highest compliments I've ever received about Winsome came from a group of teenage girls who attended a few years back. They explained how when a woman walks into a group of women, we figure out within a minute if we belong or not. "Am I dressed right? Do I fit in here? Do they like me?" They went on to explain how when they looked around at the women at Winsome, there was such a diversity of age, ethnicity, style, etc. that they couldn't figure out what the "right" way to be was. The result was they felt freedom to be themselves.

Winsome is founded on Truth, the person. We believe that the truth of Christ and the love of our Father is more than enough to unify us, even amongst our diverse backgrounds. As we share His truth and love with each other, our perspectives are broadened, and we see more clearly.

This year our theme verse is Psalm 25:5:

Lead me in your truth and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all the day long.

I hope you'll join us this April 13-15 and be strengthened and encouraged by the Truth of your Father's love for you and the powerful love of His daughters.