For five years women have attended Winsome, deepening their faith both as individuals and as sisters in the body of Christ. Some of the sweetest stories have come from women who have brought their friends, sisters, daughters, and moms with them to Winsome.

Today we're sharing some of these stories to encourage you to share Winsome with your people. Because Winsome is better together!

Cuky Lynch has been with us at Winsome 2016 & 2017 and will be joining us again this year!

This April will be my third year attending Winsome. It has become my sabbatical—the annual retreat place for me to recharge and be with God in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. The first year I attended, I was blessed to realize that although I chose to room alone, I did not want to be away from the ladies I had ridden there with and those I'd just met. There was an instant sisterhood that occurred. It was a joy! I returned home full and shared and shared Winsome. Last year I had the joy of bringing a new friend. We got to know each other better and are still close, and she is returning this year. Also, this year a dear friend that moved to Arizona is attending along with her cousin. Guess what? I am rooming with all three.

This year will be the fourth Winsome Marcy Bloom has attended with her daughters!

2017-04-09 11.18.28.jpg
Attending the Winsome retreat is a treat for me each year, and coming with my daughters is an added bonus! We don’t spend the weekend hanging with each other exclusively, but we look for what God has for us in the time away. Sometimes the ride home is full of chatter, and sometimes it is quiet as we reflect on where God has touched us. God has met each of us in different ways, and it has enriched our relationships with each other. One year we were even able to bring my mom with us shortly after my dad passed away, and we had three generations there together! I love coming together to see how God is going to encourage us together and as individuals.

Tina Rich has been with us at Winsome since 2015 and has brought friends with her every year since!

I enjoy sharing Winsome with my friends, because it is a little bit like having heaven on earth—the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the truth that is shared from God's word, the stories and life experiences, and the opportunity to hear the perspectives of others from diverse backgrounds. Walking through the door on Friday night, we are given a warm and genuine welcome. Winsome's setting—the woods, the lodge, the accommodations, the meals—all leave me with a feeling like we are in cradled comfort. Kim and her team have carefully and prayerful created a program for the weekend that is flexible and has a gentle ebb and flow of activity, sharing, and quiet times.
When my friends and I leave, we feel like we have had a wonderful time to get away with each other, meet with God, and make new friends. Winsome is a little bit like what heaven will be like—a gathering of joy even in the midst of the heartaches of life here. Come and lay your burdens down for a weekend to embrace joy, friendship, and fellowship with a diverse and beautiful group of women. Allow yourself to experience a Winsome weekend and invite your friends and/or family to experience it as well. Be ministered to and embrace the gifts God has for you.