We're so happy to welcome Lisha Epperson to Winsome again this year! She will lead her Sacred Movement Workshop and explore "the healing and redemptive value of every gesture." She'll also be sharing in a breakout session. Lisha leads with grace and truth. Take a minute to get to know her!

Lisha leads the Sacred Movement Workshop at Winsome 2016.

Lisha leads the Sacred Movement Workshop at Winsome 2016.

Tell us a little about you and your role at Winsome this year.

I’m Lisha Epperson, a wife and mother of five answering a call to ministry in midlife. I’m excited to share a little about how I mindfully manage that amongst the crazy of life in New York City. Specifically, I’ll share a message about living your dream. I’ll also get to share my love for dance ministry in a workshop centered on prayer and ritual.

How did you hear about Winsome?

I met Kim Hyland during my second year as a blogger. Her writing and ministry are inspirational because she truly embodies the heart of her vision. Dropped as it were into a community of Christian writers and artists that for many reasons is not diverse—I consider Kim’s authentic welcome a gift.

How have the Winsome values of authenticity, diversity, and truth enriched your life?

Kim’s authentic welcome into a community of Christian writers and artists is a gift. As one of a handful of women of color in this community, I’ve appreciated her invitation to share my experience and story. Kim’s passion and commitment to diversity encourage me to keep believing for the dream of a beloved community.

What experiences, stories, phrases or moments have stuck in your memory since you last attended Winsome? How have they affected you?

I remember sitting with Brandee Shafer late one afternoon. We talked well past some of the sessions we might have attended, but—knowing God was in the middle of our conversation—settled into our divine appointment.

The phrase “come away” has stuck with me. I hear it in my heart when I get tired and know it as Holy Spirit direction.

Why did you want to speak and lead a workshop at Winsome?

This has been a hard year online. I’m just coming back to my blog from a much-needed break. Post-election trauma is real. The fallout online was painful to experience—both personally and communally as people of faith. It was ugly and so hard. Backing away from it was necessary, and I think we all did to some extent.

I’m excited to reconnect in person—after the pause. I’m excited to see how God will work among us. I want to be part of whatever God does in this challenging season.

What advice or reassurance would you give a first-timer about Winsome?

Let God direct your participation in the sessions. You don’t have to be anywhere but where you are—mine those fields for the goodness of God.