One of our greatest joys at Winsome is partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations. Our dear friend Amy Breitmann has represented ViBella Jewelry at Winsome for the last two years and will join us again in 2017!

Today Amy shares her Why Winsome? story!

Amy shares the mission of ViBella at Winsome 2016.

Amy shares the mission of ViBella at Winsome 2016.

Why did you want to be a sponsor for Winsome and what drew you to attend?

I personally wanted to attend Winsome because I knew Kim and her heart for ministry. I also knew that the mission of Winsome aligned so well with the vision of Vi Bella Jewelry to make lives more beautiful through the kind of love found in Micah 6:8to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.

What were a few of the biggest highlights while you were there?

I most enjoyed all the time we had to truly hear the hearts of women. The Winsome retreat does not feel like "speakers" and "attendees."  The whole weekend feels like an extended family of sisters and cousins—truly "daughters of the King" that were gathering to be real, honest, and encouraging to one another.

I love that Winsome is inclusive of teen girls, too.  What a gift that my daughter Shelby could join me both years.  I was in awe of the wisdom that she received from her peers as well as seasoned ministry leaders, authors, and moms who encouraged and inspired her on her path just before she entered college.

How have the Winsome values of authenticity, diversity, and truth enriched your life?

I have gained genuine friendships that have continued and deepened since my time at Winsome.  The music and messages I have heard there have stayed with me and challenged me in my faith.

What experiences or stories at Winsome impacted you and how?

How do I pick just one?  Walking on the beautiful grounds (in the snow last year!) was incredible, just to breathe in the beauty of that area surrounded by mountains.  I laughed late at night with friends, swapped stories of Vi Bella artisans with attendees and had deep conversations with several speakers over coffee as we shared on a deep level.  The whole weekend is one of my favorite things. I always leave feeling refreshed and inspired.

What are you most excited about for Winsome 2017?

I'm excited to again share the mission of Vi Bella- to introduce others to the hearts behind what we do, to connect with old friends, and to meet some new faces.  It really does feel like coming home to be at Winsome.  The team does an incredible job of humbly serving and creating space for true renewal for each woman who attends.

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