As you know, April weather can be unpredictable! So while we can't tell you whether to expect rain, sunshine, or, even snow, we do have a few suggestions for what you might want to pack:  

  • comfortable clothes . . . whatever that means for you! If "dressed to the nines" is your style, then go for it! But blue jeans and your favorite hoodie will be considered just as fashionable at Winsome.
  • walking/hiking shoes
  • sweater or light jacket
  • umbrella
  • workout clothes and mat or towel for Holy Yoga (optional)
  • whatever else makes you comfortable . . your favorite pillow, shawl, etc.
  • cash or check for purchases from our Marketplace vendors (books, jewelry, etc). Internet reception can be spotty in the mountains, and not all of our vendors accept credit cards.

Please contact us if you have any questions: thewinsomewoman@gmail.com