Kim is a writer, speaker, and the founder & host of Winsome. Kim blogs at Winsome Living, and her first book will be released by Baker Books in early 2018. She is also Jeff's wife, a mom to five sons and one daughter, mother-in-love to three, and Amelia, Elisha, and Ezra's grandma! Kim's passions are to love her family and friends well and encourage women through speaking and writing about her imperfect path and God's perfect plans.

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Jenn Hand is a strong coffee drinking lover of Jesus. She has a zest for life and loves to go on adventures with Jesus around the world - often getting lost somewhere along the way! Jenn has been professionally speaking since 2004 and became the Executive Director and founder of Coming Alive Ministries in 2012. She spent two life changing years overseas in South Asia as a missionary and has traveled to many third world countries to share the love of Jesus. You can find Jenn on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, or at



Natalie Joy is currently living in Atlanta, GA where she moved five years ago from the northwest for warm weather and a cute boy. She married that cute boy a little over a year and a half ago. After thirteen years in the corporate consulting world, she felt God’s pull on her heart to take a leap of faith to start Defining Your Joy LLC, a company that works exclusively with women that have a dream to start a business but lack the encouragement, accountability or strategy to make their dream a profitable reality. Her company comes along side women daily through one-on-one coaching, virtual group coaching, as well as workshops. Natalie’s passion for helping women doesn’t stop there. A portion of every dollar brought into Defining Your Joy LLC is given back to help women that have overcome the situation of trafficking all around the world, incredible women are learning to dream again or maybe for the first time.



Colleen Mitchell is a wife to Greg, bringer-upper of five boys, foreign missionary, and writer, speaker and encourager and wanna-be saint. She lives in Costa Rica, where she and her family carry out the work of their missionary non-profit, St. Bryce Missions, and run the St. Francis Emmaus Center pregnancy and medical hostel for indigenous women. Colleen is the author of Who Does He Say You Are? Women Transformed by Christ in the Gospels and blogs at Blessed Are the Feet.



Lisha Epperson is a hopeful romantic, lover of Jesus and most things antique. A happy wife and now mother of 5, she joyfully shares a warrior song about her 14 year walk through infertility and the semi-sweet miracle of adoption. Lisha works out of a life of faith with fear, trembling, and a whole lot of grace in New York City. Follow her blog at, and here for Facebook and Twitter

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Writing Coach Ann Kroeker leverages over 25 years of writing and editing experience in the publishing industry to equip her clients to reach their writing goals. A published author and coauthor, corporate and freelance writer, book editor, speaker, and poet, Ann has served on the editorial teams of two large online organizations and focuses on serving others in her role as a writing coach. Her clients have signed book contracts, been accepted into prestigious MFA programs, launched their own freelance writing businesses, and landed articles and essays in national publications. She coauthored On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts, and authored Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families and The Contemplative Mom. Ann's Belgian-born husband and she have four children, ages 15 to 22. Whether at work or play, she lives a life full of wonder and curiosity.



Doran Richards is a wife, mother to 6, midwife, artist, and yogi. She is certified in Holy Yoga, Pre & Postnatal and in the process of completing her 500 hour Holy Yoga Master’s program. She resides in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where she home schools her children. As founder of Blessing God's Way, she serves women through childbearing, labor, birth, and postpartum. She teaches yoga in her small community through her own studio, Full of Grace Yoga.



Emily Dean is a wife and mother of two enjoying life as a speaker, writer, life coach, and founder of Verity Vareé. She has had many opportunities to delight in her passions and is continuing a career in acting, modeling, and singing/songwriting in Emy&Ethan, a duo act with her husband. With a full plate and full heart, Emily strives to do everything to the glory of God and use every trial in her life to texture and color her story and ministry. Often found outdoors, or hosting a gathering in her home, Emily's greatest joy is to hear others and create a place for them to share.

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No Levite, Chelle’s chief desire is to live a life set aside for holiness. She affirms that almost any action is sacred when done with a heart of service and worship unto God. She does not make that affirmation lightly. She read something once that haunts her still . . . Surrender can be the sweetest thing. Practice surrender and let the Universe do its work.
What should immediately have followed was a clear warning–Failure to surrender, failure to yield to God’s omnipotence may be fatal. You may likely wish for death to release you from such willful and wanton disobedience, but even death will not come for you if it is not His Will. That should be the warning, but no such caveat ever came her way.

At 53, she hereby resigns as strong black woman and super-heroine. Trying nearly killed her. REALLY. Living the life she thought God ordained her to instead of surrendering to His Will nearly broke her. But God. With the salt from her own tears, she scrubbed away the last of what was. Barely above a whisper she begged, “Make of me something new, Lord.” Her prayer for us all is this . . . don't be too willful to surrender and trust God until it almost feels too late. The greatest lesson her storms have taught her is humility. Equally grateful for water from a tin cup as the finest champagne from cut crystal, that her thirst is slaked is enough. Her word for 2017? SALT. Salt is an irritant. It is also essential, like prayer. Find Chelle here, here, and here.



Denise loves the world of words, where life and literature connect, but she’s most passionate about the one Book with living words—the Word of God. She’s the author of Word Writers, a Bible study series that guides you through individual books of the Bible, verse by verse, and then invites you to write out Scripture. She’s also the editorial coordinator for (in)courage by DaySpring and the host of the Deeper Waters Retreat. Denise lives with her husband and three kids in Southern California, where she reads three things every day—the Bible, NFL.COM, and PACKERS.COM—sometimes, in that order. You can connect with her at and on Instagram: @DeniseJHughes.