Enough: Because He is, I Am ~ Kim Hyland/Keynote

"Not enough." It's a sentiment that's familiar to many. But if you're a child of God, it's not true. Every day we're confronted with the reality of our limitations, but God's word is full of evidence and reasons why we have everything we need. Our identity as His daughters, His promises, and the body of Christ are means of His grace to equip, empower, and sustain us for all our days.


Little Faith: A Message for Unlikely Revolutionaries ~ Deidra Riggs/Keynote

Don't be fooled by what you read in the news, or what you find trending on social media. Do not lose heart. Do not give up. We are the revolutionaries. Yes, us. The homeschoolers, public schoolers, and private school moms. The corporate visionaries and side hustle entrepreneurs. The artists and the coders. The backpackers and the jet-setters. We are the people we've been waiting for. God is counting on us. Long before you drew your very first breath, Jesus prayed for you. He prayed for us, and he is on our side. So take heart, girlfriend! This where the revolution begins.

Created for Beauty ~ Laura Boggess/Keynote

Beauty brings rest to our spirits. Have you ever wondered why? Why do works of art, music, beautiful spaces, and all the glory of this world, awaken a sleeping part of us? Why does beauty stir a longing so deep inside of us that we struggle to name it? Our culture tells us in order to be happy, we need to buy into what the world offers. If this is wrong, why are we attracted to beauty in this way? What if this desire for more, this longing stirred, is part of the way God designed us? Let’s talk about why God created us to long for beauty.



Moving from Perfectionism & Fear to Authenticity & Freedom ~ Mandi Ehman

So many of us live with pride and fear, wearing a mask (and a cape and maybe even fairy wings) as we try to prove to the world that we can handle this thing called life. We're afraid to admit that we're not perfect and afraid to share our struggles with the people around us. But when we learn to trust others with the not-so-perfect parts of our life and authentically share the good and the bad, we experience a new kind of freedom in our friendships, our relationship with Christ, and the way we view our imperfections.

The Posture Of Leadership ~ Diane W. Bailey

We all have places of leadership. As moms, friends, coworkers we lead with the influence of our faith and our life experiences. But our human nature can harm the authority given to us by Christ. Diane tells humorous story of a leadership opportunity missed. She will  make you laugh as she bring you thoughtfully face to face with the leadership example of Christ. 


Meet for the Master’s Use ~ Nicol Epple

What do you see as your ultimate purpose here on earth? Are you a malleable vessel in our Father’s hands? Has life’s hardships made you brittle or porous? Let’s talk about brokenness and healing and redemptive purposes.


Restore the Temple ~ Rochelle Wilson

No blessing we receive is ever solely our own. The ways in which we take possession of and steward them shapes who we are, how others relate to us, and how and whether they see God as they glance in our direction.
Even the best-intentioned among us, those refraining from speaking unkindly about others and generally trying to do their best, tend to treat themselves miserably. We’ve got to do better. We’re called to do more. That call is about being RESTORED to our Heavenly Father. It’s all well and good to self-deprecate until you remember that each of us is made in His Precise Image-Imago Dei, that we belong to Him. After that, you begin to see that such behavior is just SIN.
Start where you are. Do what you can. It’s time to Restore the Temple.


Do Not Hold Back:  You are More than Enough because He is Enough ~ Jennifer Hand

We have God sized dreams inside of us. Callings.  Vision.  A more than we can ask or imagine story written for us (Ephesians 3:20).  However, it can be so easy to find ourselves wanting to stay in comfort of normal and same.  The enemy whispers all our "not enoughs" until we can begin to believe God's more story is for most everyone else.

God has a more story for YOU.  In this session we will let the promises of Isaiah 54 encourage us to not hold back, but to enlarge the place of our tent as we live in our more story God has designed specifically for each one of us.


Selah - Where Beauty Meets Rest ~ Kristen Kill

We all find ourselves weary, searching for rest, for perhaps an escape....but it's in this tension that God gives us interludes. He gives glimpses of beauty and rest that refresh us, and even restore us for a little while. But he also gives so much more, and it's this beauty beneath the beauty that we must learn to see. In this session, we'll dig in together to examine how our longings, our needs, and even our big emotions all point to a much deeper hunger that can only ever be satisfied when we embrace beauty and rest as a Person.



Movement Workshop ~ Lisha Epperson

Are you in the wilderness? Consider movement as part of your wilder yes.  Using contemplative applications of ritual and embodied prayer we'll explore the spiritual practice of movement within contemporary and classical techniques. No previous experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing.


Truth Tales: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Christian Fiction ~ Rachel Britz

You have the perfect story idea: the people, the place, and the journey. You can see it all (well, almost all of it) in your minds eye. The problem is just one thing, where do you begin?

There is a BIG difference between crafting fiction vs. nonfiction. Together we’ll develop a solid writing plan, set goals, and create your very own storyboard! We’ll discuss how weaving perfect Biblical truth into perfectly flawed characters can offer, if done correctly, a beautifully crafted truth tale. This session on writing Christian Fiction will give you the confidence to begin. It’s your story, what in the world are you waiting for.


Launch Your God-Sized Dream ~ Natalie Joy

Do you have a God-Sized Dream that God has placed on your heart but you are struggling with where to begin? Do you need some added encouragement and a road map to get you going? Join Natalie Joy for a special workshop as she walks you through the first steps needed to help you start the process of seeing and seizing your God-Sized Dream.






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