GENERAL Sessions

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me, God! ~ Niki Hardy
None of us need to be persuaded that suffering is real. It fills the news on a daily basis with images of war, genocide, school shootings, and natural disasters, but it also makes up much of our own personal stories. In the midst of our pain we ask, “What kind of God allows suffering?” and "Where is He when our world shatters?” Niki shares her personal story of suffering with cancer and the surprising answers she found to these very questions.

Becoming a Woman of Grace and Truth ~ Denise J. Hughes
As women, we tend to get mired in the mundane tasks of everyday life. We fold the same laundry we folded last week. We wash the same dishes we washed last week. And we vacuum the same carpet we vacuumed last week. How can we become the fullness of who God designed us to be while still focusing on all the daily tasks at hand? In this session, we’ll examine the influences that pull us in so many directions, and we’ll explore the beautiful ways that Scripture leads us to become the women of grace and truth that God created us to be.

Where a Perfect God Meets Our Imperfect Lives ~ Kim Hyland
You were lovingly created by a perfect God and made for a perfect place, but we all know this life is far from perfect. The good news of the Gospel is God's desire to restore us to perfection through Christ and our relationship with Him. Drawing from her newly released book An Imperfect Woman: Letting Go of the Need to Have It All Together, Kim will share the surprising intersection of God's perfection and our imperfection.


Hearing God’s Voice in the Midst of Our Story ~ Niki Hardy
If God is a God who speaks, how then do we hear Him in the midst of our own painful story? Using practical tools and examples, Niki helps us discern His still small voice of comfort, reassurance, and hope no matter what life has thrown our way.

Nurturing the Heart of a Writer ~ Denise J. Hughes
As writers, we work on our craft. We wrestle words onto the page and then ruthlessly revise everything. We scour articles and books on writing strategies, too, and then practice them on our own. But amidst all this writing and learning and rewriting, there’s a heart behind every word. And the heart of a writer is the most important part of the whole process. In this session, we’ll look at the ways our heart influences everything we write, and we’ll discuss the practical ways a writer can nurture her writing heart to create beautiful prose.

The Truth about Freedom: How to Live with Purpose! ~ Rachel Britz
The essence of freedom is to rid ourselves of the pesky things that hold us back and keep us from fulfilling the great things God has planned for our lives. Do you sometimes feel tangled up inside? Together we’ll dig deep and discover our purpose through one of the most unlikely of places- our sin.
Rachel tells her story from a very raw, personal place of suffering under the weight of her monster sin: alcoholism, among other things. This a story for every one – believer or unbeliever- about the power of a life set free, living without hindrance. Let’s journey to the place where you can finally live out of freedom and step into your purpose.

Intentional Living During Difficult Seasons: ~ Amy Breitmann & Tammy Hendricksmeyer
Discover your spiritual season and how it affects your faith.  Tammy and Amy will
guide you on a journey, sharing their own struggles and triumphs that will lift your eyes to a God who sees and loves you in every season. You will leave with a greater knowledge of your current soul season and tools that will bolster your faith.

Growing in Grace ~ Emily Dean
God has planted each person in a particular place with particular needs for such a time as this. Join Emily as she explores this life as an adventure in growth. We’ll consider the Gardener and His perfect “green thumb" as we discuss ways to grow in our unique places of calling.

Perfectionism & the Saboteur ~ Kim Hyland
Not all women consider themselves perfectionists. But when we take a close look, most of us will find perfectionism lurking around the edges of our lives, even if it's not in the driver's seat. We recognize it in ambition and type-A personalities, but just as often it's disguised as fear, discouragement, or apathy. Whatever it looks like, perfectionism is a thief and a tool of our enemy. Recognizing and calling it out, frees us to walk boldly and wisely in the paths God has ordained for us.


Spiritual Direction Workshop ~ Rachel Dollard
In our busy and noisy world, we often move quickly and miss the ways in which God is present with us throughout our day. The practice of Spiritual Direction helps us become more aware of the ways God is communicating with us. It invites us to listen and respond to God, equipping us to navigate life from a place of deep connection with the Spirit of the Lord.

Rachel is certified as a Spiritual Director via Sustainable Faith. She will introduce you to Spiritual Direction, discuss how this practice deepened her relationship with God, and lead a mini group spiritual direction session.

Holy Yoga: Waiting With God & Exploring Liminal Space ~ Doran Richards
Are you in a season of waiting? Are you in a threshold looking back and anticipating the future? Liminal space is oftentimes referred to as a time of waiting. Transformation is usually a marked result of liminal space as we wait on the Lord for direction, peace, answers, and understanding. Join me as we discover what liminal space means for you individually as we "move and have our being" through the practice of Holy Yoga. Dress comfortably for this gentle beginner level class. For more information about Holy Yoga go HERE.

Praying the Bible ~ Stephanie Avellino
Is prayer rich and fulfilling for you, or do you feel frustrated in your efforts to pray?  What is prayer? This discussion-based workshop will provide practical ways to:

  • use scripture as a guide to prayer
  • explore what prayer is
  • discover who our Abba Father is and how this can inspire us as His beloved daughters

No matter what your prayer life looks like, this workshop is designed to encourage you right where you are.

Picture Your Dreams Vision Board Party ~ Elise Daly Parker
You’re invited to gather in a safe, positive, fun, and encouraging environment to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be. We’ll explore our dreams, visions, and goals. And as we do, we’ll create a vision board that will serve as a colorful and powerful reminder of what matters most to us and how we want to use our God-given gifts and talents to live out our purpose. Scientific research proves that thinking about your goals is an important step in taking action. The Bible says, “Without a vision the people perish.” So take this first step towards realizing your goals by articulating your vision with a Vision Board.